Tiny House with kids

Hi. Hello,
Welcome to our blog!

As my first blog post I feel introducing myself & the family is how it should go, right? 

My name is Laci and I am the ring leader in charge of this circus. It all started on a cool day in fall. Jk. Jk. You’ll see, I’m what my husband calls “my own biggest fan.” I’m pretty cheesy but it’s just who I am. 

But seriously! Justin & I got married on a beach in South Carolina in 2010. It was a perfect wedding that started a marriage of timeless love.. We had our first son, Jude on October 3, 2009 but he was just to early & precious for this world. His story is for another day. You will see me reference my 5 kids because he still counts.

Our rainbow baby Jennings was born in 2011 and our miracle boy, Fisher in 2013.

So why the “TinyHardins?” Well in 2017 we got tired of the big two story house, the constant cleaning & mainly feeling like we we’re all spread out in the house that we kicked big city living & went tiny!

We found what they call a park model camper that had an additional bedroom & living area & we knew we had to have it! It was permanently parked, lake view at our favorite place, Lake Waccamaw. The lake is a special place for us. Justin proposed there, Jennings first home was there and we’ve lived there multiple times throughout our marriage. So we knew it was perfect for us. 

This used to be the “porch.” We (my husband) laid 100 year old barn wood on the floors. He also tore down that barn. Removed a sliding glass door and made the entry way on the left & refinished the wall. 

Four people, one bathroom. Oh the fun! But seriously that was the only downfall to this tiny house! Small house, small hot water heater=short showers!

When we moved in & changed our whole lifestyle I wanted to change our IG name & that’s why we became the TinyHardins. I’ve had so many ask why or guess it’s just because we’re petite people. But no. We truly enjoyed the tiny living. It was a lifestyle that felt right to us. 

If you follow us on IG or Facebook you’ll see we’re no longer living tiny. {Que heart shatter emoji} We found out we were expecting T W I N girls in October 2018.

We knew as much as we would love to, we couldn’t make tiny living with four kids, two adults & Huckleberry (he’s our Great Dane) work. 

We announced it to our kids & friends Christmas morning 2019.  Our daughter had asked for a baby sister for the past two Christmases so we knew we had to incorporate that into our announcement!

We hope you stick around. We’ve got so much to share! 

Georgia Grey & June Elise 2019. I plan to write about all the kids so I’ll go into more details when that time comes!

I could go on & on about that tiny house but I’ll stop here for today. It was an amazing time & season in our lives. Of course it wasn’t rainbows & sunshine all the time but it’s a season I wouldn’t trade for anything!